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Aims & Background

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The Paradigm Shift

We are in the middle of a significant paradigm shift where we enter a new era. The development can be identified by the three human arts:

We strongly believe that the ongoing change process is monumental in the known history of man. This fact is reflected in our activities and the preceding work done by Per Christiansson.


To study how collaboration between man can be enforced by networked computer stored knowledge and how the computer supported collaboration can be supported by advanced information technology, IT, tools. It is also studied how underlying computer stored knowledge can be effectively captured, linked and represented in the Dynamic Knowledge Net to support efficient knowledge communication. KBS-Media Lab's motto is "The Future in Practice" which well reflects a clear ambition to combine theory and practice. The KBS-Media Lab aims can be listed as:
as well as

Demonstrators are developed together with industry to generate, capture, communicate and evaluate new ideas. The demonstrators will in the end of a project be the developed prototype.


The KBS-Media Lab was created 1987 based on the preceding work of Per Christiansson within the IT domain (1970-). The Lab was situated in own localities from 1990 at the Civil Engineering School of Lund Insitute of Technology. Since March 1995 the KBS-Media Lab has new bigger localities in the new central IT center at Lund University (CITU, The Center for IT in education).

The research is supported from external sources as, The Swedish Council for Building Research (BFR), The Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry (SBUF), Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development (NUTEK), Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research (FRN), Swedish Telecom (TELIA), Apple Computer Inc, Lund University, and The Culture Museum.

Per Christiansson