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KBS-Media Lab

Knowledge Based Systems - media.


KBS-Media Lab has been in existence since 1987 at the Civil Engineering School at Lund Insitute of Technology, V-LTH, and since spring 1995 in new localities at CITU, Lund University. (CITU, Center for IT in Education).


KBS-Media Lab is a research organization at Lund University. The laboratory does research, industry collaboration and education in the area of 'Knowledge Communication in the global networks'. Both long term research and applied projects are carried through. Long standing collaboration with International Universities (Stanford, CMU, MIT, Sydney, Munchen, etc.). A holistic world view together with concrete in-depth studies are combined. Underlying models of users, applications, IT-tools and contexts are developed as well as adapted multimedia interfaces. The aims is to study how collaboration between persons can be enforced by networked computer stored knowledge. It is also studied how underlying computer stored knowledge can be effectively captured, linked and represented in the global Dynamic Knowledge Net to support efficient knowledge communication.

Demonstrators are developed in teams together with end users and other specialist competencies. The demonstrator method is used in a creative design process during continuos evaluation. Ideas are captured, communicated, implemented and evaluated in a collaborative process. Special Internet based work areas are used allowing 'distance' collaboration. The demonstrator method enables us to manage the ongoing change process especially in the early conceptual phases of design - new ways of thinking (associative), organizational change, context and cultural differences, learning and education etc..




External Collaboration

SKANSKA, University Library, The Culture, LKF, Telia, FFNS, etc.


Knowledge Based Systems, Multimedia, Computer-Aided Design, Artificial Intelligence, Modelling, Philosophical issues, System design, media and communication. (Platforms: Mac, PC, SUN)

Per Christiansson