The LON Neuron

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Possible too use mixed topologies.
Tranciever FTT-10A (Free Topolgy twisted pair Tranceiver) 78 kbps (64 nodes, 2700 meter), TPT/XF-1250 (Twiste Pair Tranceiver) bus topologi and high band width 1.25 Mpbs (64 nodes, 200 meter),....

Max 2^48 domains
Max. 255 subnets per domain (e.g. floor on a building)
with max. 127 nodes per subnet (i.e. max 32.385 =255*127 nodes per domain. (A node may belong to 2 domains)
A subnet is a logical address.
A channel is the type of transmission medium used (LP/FFT-10)

Per Christiansson 2.12.1999 [2.12.1998]