Capture of user requirements and structuring of collaborative VR environments

Prof Per Christiansson
Aalborg University, Denmark

AVR II & CONVR 2001.
Applied Virtual Reality in Engineering & Construction Applications of Virtual Reality: Current Initiatives and Future Challenges.

4th-5th October 2001
CHALMERS University of Technology, Gothenburg, SWEDEN

  • A Paradigm Shift
  • Digital models of our reality
  • IT Tools to Support Collaboration and Communication
  • Virtual Collaboration Spaces The DIVERCITY project example
    Learning spaces
  • Contextual Design and user requirements capture
  • Virtual Reality in Denmark


How can we specify user requirements for and structure new Virtual Reality, VR, based collaboration environments with rather limited knowledge about the future? The paper puts the development of VR and collaboration communication support in perspective. Aspects are put forward on properties and structure of the next generation of networked virtual collaboration spaces, underlying digital application models and the next generation of semantic web. The contextual design method applied for user requirements capture and user environment design of collaborative VR environments is exemplified. Comments are finally given on experiences from practical use of VR systems in Denmark.

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