Modeller for at understøtte et teamarbejde
Prof Per Christiansson
Aalborg University, Denmark

Dansk Center for Integreret Design

Torsdag, 23 September 9, 1999
A&D, Aalborg University

This short presentation discusses models that can support team work in integrated design. Which are the central problems and underlying values.

Some questions

  • can we recreate the old building master (establish better competence cooperation)?
  • can we be more efficient in the early crucial design phases (building and manipulating a virtual building during it's whole life cycle)?
  • how can we collaborate and communicate ideas in the design team and with clients and external product vendors more efficiently?
  • how do we manage the change process caused by advanced IT introduction in organizations (new tools to design, new competence, new project oganization,..)?
  • define properties of multimedia access for design team to shared work space and other team members.
  • capture and translate client requirements more efficiently
  • introduce temporal properties in the Virtual Building descriptions
  • define meta level information models and their relations to user multimedia access
  • incremental prototyping and demonstrator development with end user participation

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