IT i byggeriet - nu og i fremtiden /
IT in the Building Process - present and future

Prof Per Christiansson
Aalborg University, Denmark

Opening of Danish Center for Integrated Design
Monday, 23 October 25, 1999
School of Architecture. Nørreport 20, Aarhus.

This presentation discusses IT influences in the building process from two perspectives (human and IT)
  • collaborative work and team competence
  • virtual buildings and knowledge management.


  • where are we now in the IT caused change of the building process?
  • how can we collaborate and communicate ideas in the design team, with clients and external product vendors more efficiently?
  • can we recreate the old building master (establish better competence cooperation)?
  • can we be more efficient in the early crucial design phases (building and manipulating a virtual building during it's whole life cycle)?
  • how do we manage the change process caused by advanced IT introduction in organizations (new tools to design, new competences required, new project oganization, new routines for knowledge management)?

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