Intelligente Bygninger - andet og mere end IBI/ Intelligent Buildings - more than IBI

Prof Per Christiansson
Aalborg University, Denmark

Danvak årsmøde.
Onsdag den 29. marts 2000, kl 14.30 - 17.40
COWI Rådgivende Ingeniører AS, Thulebakken 34, 9000 Aalborg

This presentation focuses on the following subjects in order to hopefully generate some ideas and thoughts around Intelligent Buildings (IBI), Digital Cities and new partly not yet defined services in these domains

  • Perspectives
  • IT everywhere
  • IBI/Digital Cities/Services
  • Virtual Buildings
  • Communication and Intelligence

    The presentation is also available at ('Presentation' link above)
    where there is also a link to a short paper ('Paper' link above)

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