Prof Per Christiansson
Aalborg University, Denmark

'Construction Information Technology 2000 - Taking the Construction Industry into the 21st century'.

June 26-30 , 2000
Reykjavik, Iceland

The paper accounts experiences, and analyses ongoing open IT supported education's at Aalborg University. The requirements and properties of distributed learning systems are explained as well as available IT-tools support and requirements on underlying application and user models.

The open Master of IT education and IT courses in the Civil Engineering and Architecture&Design curricula are used as examples for discussions on course information content, structure, and personalised IT tools and their properties.

Our conclusions are that we are only in the beginning of development of cross-disciplinary university courses in a global setting with highly communicative IT tools in contrast to traditionally open environments.

  • Introduction
  • Learning context. The Aalborg experiment
  • The distributed learning environments
    • Definitions and context
    • User models and learning styles
    • Distributed learning systems. Basic functionality
  • Experiences from distributed IT supported learning
    • Communication, project work, and virtual classroom
    • Student view on learning material
    • Teacher view to system
  • Conclusions

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