About us

The company was established in 1977 and has since then had the opportunity to carry through commissions of varying kind (nationally and internationally) both within the building and information technology areas as well as in combination of both.

This work involves: information technology consulting, lecturing, course development and teaching, advising, design work, board membership, special investigations, formulation and evaluation of business ideas and strategies involving information and communication technology (ICT), project reviews, project applications evaluations, and system development.

Per Christiansson's first practical contact with computers were in the early 1960s. He installed his first department computer 1970 (HP2114a) and established the Civil Engineering Computing Center 1977 and developed computer controlled data loggers to monitor laboratory experiments and staff development courses. Giving courses in Computer Aided Design (3D modelling) and Artificial Intelligence at Lund University in 1982. Apple Computer heavily supported his start-up of the KBS[Knowledge-based-systems]-Media-Lab at Lund University 1987. Since 1998 He holds the chair in 'IT in Civil Engineering' at Aalborg University University Denmark.

His competence profile is wide; ICT, user participation in system development and innovation, industry-research collaboration, global trends, learning, collaboration and communication, cognition, and change management.

Per Christiansson held a professor chair 1997 - 2011 in 'IT in Civil Engineering' at Aalborg University, Denmark (http://it.civil.aau.dk).

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