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Professor Per Christiansson was Civil engineer 1969, Dr. Tech. 1976, Docent 1981 at Lund Univdersity Sweden, and Professor in 'IT in Civil Engineering' at Aalborg University, Denmark, in 1998-2011. Per Christiansson has been active in research and education within IT in the building process since 1970. He was scientific IT-in-construction advisor for the Swedish Building Research Council from 1983 - 1997 and was one of the founders of the Swedish national IT Building R&D program 1990 and active in the 2007 finished national Danish Digital Construction program. He is member of 4 editorial boards for international journals and many international scientific committees and advisory boards and has worked with internationally leading universities and industries during the latest 25 years. He has published over 100 scientific reports and articles within the IT in construction domain. His competences falls within building product and process modeling, knowledge management, knowledge representations, computer supported collaboration, human computer interaction, user environment design with end user participation, usability engineering, innovation, intelligent buildings, and incremental system design with industry collaboration. Earlier research has focused on building dynamics and probabilistic loads and load effects.

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