Services that we can provide you (in Swedish or English)


  • Company ICT strategy development
  • Teaching, course development
  • User driven creative/innovative design support and needs capture
  • Systems specification and development support (needs capture, knowledge management systems, learning systems, etc.)
  • Building Information Modelling - BIM
  • Where are we going - deep analyses and trending of global and local development


  • European Committee applications in research programs.
  • European Committee funded research projects.
  • National research programs.
  • National projects.
  • National educations

Talks (examples)

  • User driven innovative design. Methods and support.
  • Future integrated design environments.
  • What is Building Information Modelling (BIM)?
  • Future private and public communication and collaboration spaces.
  • ICT supported distributed learning.
  • Intelligent, responsive and sustainable buildings.
  • Next generation knowledge management and decision support systems.
  • Going from amateur driven to professional driven society.
  • What is a pen? Developing next generation ICT tools.
  • Living and doing business in Denmark.
  • ..

We also keep a copy of a the old CIB W78 site ( at with minor information on workshops held after 2010.