sem7 HCI. Master of IT. 2000

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Human Computer Interaction and communication


  • To give the students understanding of the communication process between user and computer, with focus on graphic user interface.
  • to give to students knowledge to apply theories, methods and techniques for evaluation and design of computer user interaction
  • to give the students understanding of different problem areas in connection with integration of various information channels.
  • This 1 module PE (project unit) course is placed during semester 2 of the Aalborg University open Master of IT education.
  • Overall issues on psychlogical/cognitive, perceptual and communication aspects of HCI.
  • Principles and methods for evaluation and design of graphical user interfaces.
  • Advanced multimodal user interfaces
  • Integration and interpretation of information from different modalities
  • (VRML, using Virtual Reality Markup Language models)
  • The course supports the project work and is evaluated together with the project work.
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  7. Usability Special Interest Group.


Friday March 10, 2000.
Lecture/discussions 13.00 - 16.30
Fredrik Bajer Vej 7, Aalborg University.
Prof. Per Christiansson

Human Computer Interaction, HCI, and Multimedia history and development.
HCI design and evaluation
User Models
Visit to VR-Center North (14.00 - 16.30)


Friday February 10, 2000.
Lecture/discussions 17.00 - 18.00.
Fredrik Bajer Vej, Aalborg University.
Assoc. Prof. Lars Bo Larsen.

Usability Engineering.
Multimodal communication.

3. VRML, Virtual Reality
Modelling Language, and VR

Friday March 10, 2000.
Lecture/discussions 13.00 - 16.30
Fredrik Bajer Vej 7, Aalborg University.
Prof. Per Christiansson

VRML, Virtual Reality Modelling Language.
VR, Virtual Reality, references

Per Christiansson