Project Proposal

Product Information in Collaborative Design - PICODE.

Prof Per Christiansson
Lektor Kjeld Svidt
Aalborg University, Denmark

To Villum Kann Rasmussen Fonden

Wednesday, February 2, 2000


IT is radically changing the way we specify, design, and simulate building functionality, form, and behaviour.

Possibilities arise in some key areas

  • Product information support to projects on global basis. Product catalogues with property specification, references to installations in near real environments (virtual reality), delivery of digital product descriptions and models, online trading, experience capture and proposals for product improvements, and trading support.
  • collaborative design with active participation from client and building owners, engineers, architects, contractors and O&M personal.
  • increased product and building complexity introducing intelligent buildings.
  • devlopment of Virtual Buildings for alternative design and life cycle simulations of buildings.


To create an environment and a activities characterized by
  • practical tests and demonstration with industry collaboration
  • aiming at providing the building industry with low cost tools and concepts for product information integration in collaborative design
  • support research and development in the area of digital product descriptions, collaborative design and Virtual Building development.

Local AAU support

The IT in Civil Engineering group has activites and resources which will support PICODE.
  • EU project, DIVERSITY, and project under the Danish Center for Integrated Design. Both in the area of collaborative design,
  • projects in the area of internet based product information and knowledge transfer (Lund University and Aalborg University)
  • Media Lab with some basic eqipment for collaboration
  • collaboration and networking with VR-Center Nord, Aalborg University/NOVI


We propose the following resources to the project
  • Software (collaborative design review, 3D modelling, virtual reality, database)
  • permanent and mobile computers with high graphical perfomance
  • supplementary I/O devices and furniture
  • possibly industry doctorate student

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