Dr. Per Christiansson

Short Short Curriculum Vitae
February 2024

Name: Per Christiansson
Born: May 5, 1945 in Helsingborg, Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Education: Civil Engineer, 1969, Lund University, Sweden.
  • Tekn. Dr. 1976, Lund University, Sweden.
  • Docent, 1981, Lund University, Sweden.
  • Professor in IT in Civil Engineering, 1998 - 2011,Aalborg University, Denmark.
  • Head of the Building Informatics group. http://it.civil.aau.dk/
  • Head and founder of KBS-Media Lab , Lund University. 1983-1997.
  • Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering, Lund University 1988 - 1999
  • Scientific Advisor, IT in Construction to the Swedish Building Research Council, 1983-1997
  • Head and founder of of Civil Engineering Computer Center, VDC, at Lund University, 1977 - 1985.
  • Research Education Coordinator at the Civil Engineering School at Lund University, 1977 - 1985
  • Research Assistant, Structural Engineering department, Lund University, 1970- 1977

International Journal board membership

  • ITcon. Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction. (Editor Bo Christer Björk). 1995-
  • AIEDAM (Cambridge University Press). Member of Editorial Board (1994-)
  • ijdc JOURNAL. Member of the Editorial Board of Design Computing International Journal of Design Computing. ISSN 1329-7147 .(General Editor Mary Lou Maher, University of Sydney). 1996 -
  • Automation in Construction. (Elsevier Science Publishers BV). (Editor Yehuda Kalay). (1992-2007)
  • DESIGN COMPUTING (MIT Press). Member of the International Editorial Board.(Editor Prof. William Mitchell). 1986 - ceased to exist

International Committees and boards membership

  • ECPPM European Conferences on Product and Process Modeling in the Building Industry. Danish representative in the Steering Committee. 2002-
  • CIB-W78. International Council for Building Research Studies and Documentation, Information Technology in Construction. Board member. 1983-
  • NBS-DATA. Swedish representative of the Nordic Building Research Cooperation Group (NBS), (Cooperation Organization of the Nordic Building Research Institutes), Working Group for Information Technology (DATA). 1983-1993

Per Christiansson has during the years been member of over 45 scientific committees for arranging conferences within IT in Construction, AI in Design, Cooperative design, learning etc. since 1990.

He has since 1995 acted as reviewer of several EU projects within the Information Society Technologies (IST) program as well as evaluator of proposals in several IST calls.


Per Christiansson's late (since 1985) research and industry collaboration has been mainly within the areas of knowledge representations, knowledge management, system development with end user participation, , user driven innovation and creative design, user environment design, computer supported collaboration, building product and process modeling, human computer interaction, multimedia/VR interfaces, user needs and requirements capture, computer supported distributed learning, intelligent buildings, and incremental system design and prototyping with industry collaboration.

He was scientific IT-in-construction advisor for the Swedish Building Research Council from 1983 - 1997 and was one of the founders of the Swedish national IT Building R&D program 1990 and active in the yrae 2007 finished national Danish Digital Construction program. Earlier research (1970s) has focused on building dynamics and probabilistic loads and load effects.

He has worked with internationally leading universities and industries during the latest 30 years and has published over 170 scientific reports and articles within the IT in construction domain. The Building Informatics group Aalborg University research can be viewed at the local 2011 copy of http://it.civil.aau.dk/it/projects/.

Education activities

Per Christiansson has except traditional education within civil engineering done pioneering development (1970 -) of courses at Lund University within areas such as; Computer controlled data acquisition, CAD and modelling, knowledge based systems, and hypermedia for knowledge transfer.

He was after 1998 engaged in research based education and course development within Building Informatics at Aalborg University. Courses are given at the Building Informatics, Civil Engineering, Building Management (and earlier at Architecture&Design) educations. Building informatics was 2001 to 2006 responsible for the Master of Industrial IT (MII) - Specialization in the Building Process, education at the Aalborg University. 2007 the group developed and launched the Cand. Scient. Techn. Building Informatics/CSTBI at Aalborg University. A local 2011 copy of Courses and educations are presented at http://it.civil.aau.dk/it/education/.

Tekn. Dr. Per Christiansson Ing. byrå. 1977-2024

The company was established in 1977 and has since then had the opportunity to carry through commissions of varying kind (nationally and internationally) both within the building and information technology areas as well as in combination of both. The company was discontinued 2024 however, previous services are still offered.

This work involves: User driven ICT business system development for communication, knowledge management and learning, information technology consulting, lecturing, course development and teaching, advising, design work, board membership, special investigations, formulation and evaluation of business ideas and strategies involving information and communication technology (ICT), project reviews, project applications evaluations, and system specification and development.

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